Sustainable Cities & Societies

Sustainable Construction Materials

Green Building Design

Materials for Construction

Material Processing & Evaluation


Industrial Sustainability

Sustainable System Designs

Advanced / 3D / Cryogenic Materials

Waste Management

Robotics & Automations

Steel and Concrete Structures

Earthquake Resistant Structures

Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures

Green building & Energy efficient Structures

Effect of Climate Change on Infrastructures

Mathematical Modelling 

Composite Structures

Disaster Management

Green Computing of 3D printing

Green Computing

Data Mining & Cloud Computing

Smart Grid & Transmission System

Smart Transportation / Aerospace Technology

Advance Safety control

Sustainable and efficient public transportation

Remote Sensing and GIS for Urban planning

Renewable energy systems 

Water distribution system and modeling

Waste disposal for Urban planning

Sewage treatment system

System for recycling e-waste

Advance waste collection

Rainfall and rainwater harvesting

Groundwater Management

Drives and Controls 

Development of Sensors and Transducers

Sustainable Engineering

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 

Computational techniques and its applications

Internet of things (IoT) 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Bio based Materials

Machine Learning